Lawyers Weekly – Legal ops hires to offer law firms improved client connections

[T]he use of legal operations in law firms helps to define “the practice wisdom that our professionals internally have in their brains” that is not natural or intuitive to lawyers in every instance “as to how they actually impart that practical practice wisdom to their clients in a way that’s usable beyond just a specific matter”.

Having the legal operations capability and thus the ability to deliver such services effectively and efficiently within a law firm can help an office of a general counsel to “explain why the things they are doing are actually an impact on their competitive advantage”[.]

The second way the legal ops function can provide better service resolves around the professional being “someone who understands the pressures that are unspoken or oftentimes not articulated well by the general counsel internally to the practice and what they are delivering”.

“Having those skills internally, [and] having someone to translate that or a team that helps translate that, really becomes a differentiator from one provider to the next[.]”

Lawyers Weekly – National law firm nabs big 4 alum to launch new consulting arm

Sparke Helmore Lawyers has launched Sparke Helmore Consulting Pty Ltd (SHC) as it attempts to “spearhead” into allied services. 

According to a statement from Sparkes, SHC will offer a seamless integration between legal and non-legal services. Its initial focus will centre on providing tax advisory and strategic business consulting “to complement the core legal services currently provided to clients”.

“Launching this business has been a priority on the firm’s strategic agenda and is an important milestone in our growth trajectory.”

Lawyers Weekly – Law firm looks beyond legal in new brand launch

Cornwall Stodart has made a decision to reveal a new brand to its offering – Law + More.

The new brand, it says, “signals the next chapter in the firm’s 128 year-old history in Australia and its expansion as a multidisciplinary practice with a corporate advisory arm, Cornwalls Capital”.

“Cornwalls is more than just a law firm,” said CEO and partner of Cornwalls Levent Shevki.