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  • Veille 5 avril 2019

    Veille 5 avril 2019

    Bloomberg Law Big Law Business – Law Firm Mergers Off to Strong Start in 2019 This rapid rate of consolidations so far in 2019 appears to be in line with last year’s pace. In 2018, the industry saw a record-setting 106 law firm mergers. Combining large firms can be fraught with complications in areas such… Read more

  • Veille 29 mars 2019

    Veille 29 mars 2019

    Lawyers Weekly – Legal ops hires to offer law firms improved client connections [T]he use of legal operations in law firms helps to define “the practice wisdom that our professionals internally have in their brains” that is not natural or intuitive to lawyers in every instance “as to how they actually impart that practical practice… Read more

  • Veille 22 mars 2019

    Veille 22 mars 2019

    Legal Evolution – Explaining Elevate’s Recent Acquisitions Let’s start with “Why did we start Elevate?” Back in 2011, we saw demand for legal services outstripping the growth of the economy, and that demand was being driven by trends such as the explosion of data, regulation, and globalization. Increasingly, legal was woven into the day-to-day operations… Read more

  • Veille 15 mars 2019

    Veille 15 mars 2019

    Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute – Building a Professional Sales Team within Your Law Firm [S]ale professionals take some of the burden of sales away from the partners, and thus remove a great deal of anxiety and stress related to originating business. And yes, while the word “sales” is still dreaded by some partners, those… Read more

  • Veille 8 mars 2019

    Veille 8 mars 2019

    Canadian Lawyer – Why law firms can’t compete Law firms are failing. They are failing society and clients by not providing accessible and affordable legal services and by offering the wrong services. They are failing their internal stakeholders by assuming only senior lawyers contribute to law firm success. These shortcomings can’t be easily fixed with… Read more

  • Veille 1er mars 2019

    Veille 1er mars 2019

    Legal Mosaic Legal Business Consulting – Clients Need Legal Services But Not Necessarily Lawyers  Rebecca Sandefur, a sociologist whose career has focused on studying lawyers […] published an article making the case that lawyers are not required to resolve many common legal issues.  Sandefur is acutely aware of and unencumbered by the legal profession’s cultural biases—a self-selecting,… Read more