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  • Veille 1er mars 2019

    Veille 1er mars 2019

    Legal Mosaic Legal Business Consulting – Clients Need Legal Services But Not Necessarily Lawyers  Rebecca Sandefur, a sociologist whose career has focused on studying lawyers […] published an article making the case that lawyers are not required to resolve many common legal issues.  Sandefur is acutely aware of and unencumbered by the legal profession’s cultural biases—a self-selecting,… Read more

  • Veille 22 février 2019

    Veille 22 février 2019

    Real Lawyers Blog – Who Are Alternative Legal Service Providers Today? Rather than label ALSP’s being the alternative, why not call a law firm an alternative legal service provider also.  On one side you have any argunbaly more expensive, inefficient and tech deficient model run by law firms.  On the other side we have companies… Read more

  • Veille 15 février 2019

    Veille 15 février 2019

    The Global Legal Post – US M&A deals top $1.5 trillion The US M&A market delivered another year of strong performance in 2018, and M&A executives are optimistic about 2019, according to a new report. The American Lawyer – Jones Day Holds an Edge as Firms Double Down on Brand Strategy “We’ve seen law firms… Read more

  • Veille 8 février 2019

    Veille 8 février 2019

    The American Lawyer – Satisfied Attorneys Are the Overlooked Key to Revenue Growth One of the biggest differences I observed between corporate and legal is that corporations understand the correlation between client satisfaction and employee satisfaction and are vigilant about managing and measuring both. [T]he key to winning customers and clients was ensuring that the… Read more

  • Veille 1er février 2019

    Veille 1er février 2019

    The Global Legal Post – ALSPs and Big 4 exceed expectations “The report reveals the two main users of ALSPs, law firms and corporate legal departments, have increased their employment of ALSPs and expanded how they use them.” Among law firms, use has become even more commonplace with 87 per cent of large law firms,… Read more

  • Sortez de la meute (article paru dans Premières en affaires)

    Sortez de la meute (article paru dans Premières en affaires)

    Ainsi donc, vous y voilà. Vous avez bâti une pratique respectable qui attire la considération des pairs et des clients. Toutefois, vous n’êtes pas seul. Si un branding fort est vital pour les marques, il l’est aussi pour les professionnels qui doivent consolider leur niche. Comment vous distinguer? Comment augmenter votre valeur? Le jour 1… Read more