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The services I provide and the topics I discuss:


Mastering the Business of Professional Services

Target clientele, market segments, revenue generation, profitability, client approach, performance indicators, leverage, productivity, competitive environment, pricing, key account management, feedback process, proposals, business model, commercial strategy, alternative models, etc.


Acting as an informed and inspiring leader

Self-awareness, team mobilization, difficult personalities, leadership profiles, hiring and firing, effective meetings, evaluation process, managerial courage, difficult conversations, executive recruitment, continuous training, high potential resources, communication skills, political and influencing skills, etc.


Capitalizing on PR opportunities

Media interventions, public speaking, crisis management, content optimization, networking, collaboration between professional services, role of spokesperson, interaction with journalists, case studies, writing techniques, internal communications, community management, social acceptability, B2B marketing, etc.

Featured Services

The Samurai

Individual Business Development

Your expertise is established, you’re nimble and quick, your team has the skills: let’s capitalize on all of this.

The Strategists

Business Strategy & Growth

Your organization performs in a challenging environment, let’s face the risks and capitalize on opportunities.

The Best-in-Class

Training / Workshop

Your troops need exposure to best practices, real-life examples and success stories to be motivated.

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“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

— Michael Porter, What is Strategy?