About this site

My experience over the past thirteen years in legal services firms has allowed me to understand and master the many challenges of the business of professional services. The content you will find on this site is therefore likely to be of interest primarily to those in the industry, as well as their clients, and members of the business and academic communities who are more broadly concerned with management and leadership issues.

I joined through the door of business development, marketing and communications, and I was fortunate enough to expand my reach as a member of the management team and with professionals. In particular, my role led me to reflect on the ins and outs of the business model, the opportunities of a demanding and sophisticated competitive environment, and the success factors in a workplace known for its high performance.

With this site, I want to share some of what I have learned over the years and through my encounters, and reveal some of the lesser-known aspects of the professional services industry. I naturally adopt the posture of what I have been, which is to say someone from within, but I also have no hesitation in presenting other views, whether from clients, business partners, service providers or any other actor in this ecosystem.

No sensitive information from the firms I worked for or any of their clients is posted on this site. The content is my sole responsibility and I invite you to send me your questions, comments and suggestions for articles.